Director of Tallahassee Hispanic Theater receives Trailblazer Award

Alejandra Gutierrez with Michelle Gomez, Director of Oasis Center for Women and Girls.

Alejandra Gutierrez, the Artistic Director of THT, was selected as a 2019 Trailblazer by the Oasis Center for Women & Girls in honor of her leadership in community organizing and redevelopment, making a way for others to follow her example.The award ceremony took place on March 8th during the celebration of the 11th Annual Women’s History Month Luncheon.

Alejandra Gutierrez immigrated from Venezuela to study Spanish literature, earning her PhD from the University of Virginia. While teaching Hispanic language and culture at FSU, she started the first Hispanic theater group in Tallahassee to educate and help others connect with Hispanic culture through the stories and art of theater. Her nonprofit theater group, Tallahassee Hispanic Theater, performs literary plays by Hispanic authors and playwrights at Goodwood Museum, Monticello Opera House, and partners with other theater groups in Tallahassee creating a rich and varied experience.

While studying journalism in Caracas, Venezuela, Gutierrez enrolled in a theater class and fell in love with the art form. For six years, Gutierrez worked during the day as a journalist and spent her evenings acting with groups like Grupo Actoral 80, founded by Argentinean playwright and actor Juan Carlos Gené. Performing plays from all over the world, Gutierrez was able to glimpse other cultures and through the windows that theater provided, appreciate them.

She brings that wonder and passion to her students at FSU who she introduces literary works of Hispanic culture, and to the Tallahassee community through the performance art delivered by Tallahassee Hispanic Theater, a dream she is making come true.

Foto grupo ceremony
Some of the people who are part of Tallahassee Hispanic Theater.

Alejandra is a trailblazer because she has put her passion into action to connect disparate cultures through theater. Her determination, talent, and love of her culture has enriched the city she now calls home, creating a more inclusive, informed, appreciative, and connected society through artfully-told human experience.

When asked about her message to women and girls who might want to follow her path, she offers Discipline: don’t quit when things get hard. And be open to change because wonderful things await.


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