Watch the Fourth Annual Micro Theater Festival for free!!


On August 6th and 7th  Tallahassee Hispanic Theater presented its Fourth Annual Micro Theater Festival at Goodwood Museum and Gardens. The audience enjoyed a series of 15 to 20-minute plays written by Hispanic playwrights, performed in English. Some of these plays were presented in English for the first time, and one of them was an adaptation of a Mexican short story by a local writer.

Now you can watch the plays here!

These are the plays that you will enjoy:

In Your Hands, by Spanish playwright Esther Lázaro, translated into English by Alejandra Gutierrez. What would you do if you knew the fate of your best friend? Helena faces this dilemma when she learns some news that will change the live of her friend Clara. Should Helena tell Clara the truth? You, the audience, will help her make this decision. In Your Hands is a funny tour the force where two women must learn to deal with an unexpected situation. The play is directed by Angel de Armendi, and performed by Prince Agave and Melanie Applegate.

Mosquita muerta (The Dead Mosquito) was written by Victoria Collado, a young Cuban-American artist who lives in Miami. This play was presented in Spanish as partof Microteatro Miami. Mosquita muerta is a riotous physical comedy that tells the story of Jacqueline de France, a woman whose dreams of becoming a famous ballerina were cut short by a pesky mosquito. She now dedicates her life to killing all the mosquitos in the world. The play is directed by Mattie Ward and performed by Robin Jackson.

23 Movements was written by Spanish playwright Carlos Zamarriego, and translated into English by Alejandra Gutierrez. A conversation between two strangers ends up in a bet. What is it that define us? What we chose or what has happened to us in our lives? Do we have a say? While playing a chess match at a bar in Paris, Anaelle and Andrés will be moving the pieces of their very own lives. The play is directed by Curt and Beth Blair and performed by Kevin Carr and Alejandra Gutierrez.

Bound to Tampico is a play based of the short story “El guardagujas” (The Switchman) by Mexican writer Juan José Arreola. The adaptation from the original Spanish text was by D. Stephen Kahn, a local lawyer and theater enthusiastic. This is a satiric short play about the encounter on a deserted train station of an American passenger desperate to get to Tampico, where he is going to board a boat to the US, and a retired switchman who tells him a series of preposterous anecdotes about the Mexican railroad system, switching the passenger from the track of reason onto the track of the absurd. the play is directed by Tahirih Lee.


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