Enjoy the Third Micro Theater Festival online for free here!!

Welcome to our micro theater festival online edition! We are very excited to share these short plays with you!

Thanks to the Monticello Opera House for allowing us to film the scenes at such a beautiful, historic venue .

This year, due to COVID, we were forced to present an online festival, but we look forward to being able to have our Fourth Micro Theater Festival live at Goodwood Museum and Gardens on August 6-7, 2021.

Click on the posters below. Enjoy and share!

¡Qué viva el teatro!

Mosquita muerta (The Dead Mosquito) was written by Victoria Collado, a young Cuban-American artist who lives in Miami. This play was presented in Spanish as part of Microteatro Miami. Mosquita muerta is a riotous physical comedy that tells the story of Jacqueline de France, a woman whose dreams of becoming a famous ballerina were cut short by a pesky mosquito. She now dedicates her life to killing all the mosquitos in the world. The play is directed by Mattie Ward and performed by Robin Jackson.

Aurora Mateos combines her playwriting with her career as an international lawyer. Her play, The Russian Plan, is a about a couple looking for a solution to straighten out their problematic teenage son. Maybe the answer is the Russian plan! The play is directed by Kevin Carr and performed by Alejandra Gutierrez and Kevin Carr. The translation is by Iride Lamartina-Lens.

The Union of Maite and Jose, Inc. was written by Almudena Vazquez, a Spanish playwright, screenwriter, and director. In this clever comedy, Maite and Jose, a broke couple with no money to pay their mortgage, come up with the perfect plan to end their financial distress: a wedding! This play is directed by Leanne Hanson and performed by Mike Herrin and Tiffany Underwood. This is the first time the play has been performed in English with a translation by Alejandra Gutierrez.